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The Mental image in the body of the work deals with the processing of information and an attempt to explain the human mind.
The image describes the internal depiction and the representation of the individual and the group within each composition. The mentality of the object in the painting is received from data and a personal conception that comes from the movement itself.
The characters I chose to present have selected from a human circle that lives in the bounds of a definite and binding frame. Through the painting, I try to give another view, which is free from all claims and social fixation. The characters play a lead role in each of the scenes on the canvas, allowing the viewer an intimate and overwhelming dialogue into the characters and images.
Some of the works display figurative exhibitionism and a personal expression of the naked human body, not as an erotic gesture, but rather as a gesture to those artistic conceptual images that make up complex compositions, which only an artist’s canvas can support without exposing too much.
The works include motifs of images from both the Christian and Buddhist religious and spiritual worlds, which, in one moment, create intimate moments of ritual ceremonies where imagination is the limit, and, in the next, there is no limit to imagination

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Jenny Meyer

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