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  • Added 10/23/2011

Mahogany, White Oak

With this piece I decided to focus on taking a very traditional French/Italian furniture form and modernize it in an expressive way. Utilizing the curves of the legs I drew the viewer’s eye away from the top as well as broke the plane of the table top. Keeping in mind my constant source of inspiration, the ocean, I used the curve in the legs along different planes to create two converging curves. These curves are abstractions of a wave and can be seen prominently in the first and second images

This work was made during my first year in the major studio during my studies of Woodworking/Furniture design at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Using every work I make as a learning experience I try to challenge myself. The Demilune challenged my ability to think in multiple dimensions compounded with curves rotated out of square. This pushed my capabilities as a designer and maker.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my work,

Byron Conn

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