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Solitary Confinement

The repetitive shapes in my work are a representation of an infinitely extendable thought process. The potential for infinity implied by pattern is a representation of the human mind at work. Thoughts and mentalities transition and mutate, influencing the following links in the signifying chain. Layering of pattern and text creates a puzzle for the viewer, engaging the viewer in a dialogical process with the presented work, which aims to provoke both thought and emotion. This is a continuous process that captivates me and holds my attention as I work. When I begin to understand in what direction the thoughts and mentalities are going, I can follow them and consequently, am free to reflect upon anything.
My mother was born without the ability to see color or depth. When I was a child she would frequently ask me to identify the colors of objects or to read aloud text that was too difficult for her to see. I first became aware of the great power held by color and text through these early childhood experiences

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