• A look inside a dream
  • A look inside a dream

A look inside a dream

  • Added 12/08/2011
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Living in a world like today, we pass by or not acknowledge the finer details in life that can result into some discovery. Dreams, for instance, are the mirror to another world. We have the most bizarre and yet vivid situations happen to us when we fall asleep that may be telling you something in reality. All dreams have symbolic meaning within them. However, they can be so vague, that it becomes difficult to pull out the meaning or what our subconscious is trying to say. Dreams have always been an interest of mine since I was a kid. I would look up the symbolic meaning of an action or subject in dream books just to maybe learn something about my own mind. I think we all go to that level of curiosity. Using a graphic quality mixed with realism, I hope to portray the reality world colliding with the world of fantasy. With that being said, I invite the audience to take a glimpse into my own personal dreams and visions.

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