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deconstructographs are digital mixed media creations from the founding partners of OPeX studios, Salomé and Mark Reeves. The artists design, create, and live according to an “OPen ended eXperience” philosophy, the idea of letting go of having to firmly control outcome and consciously introducing unconventional ingredients. deconstructographs in particular are created from 1 part photography + 2 parts architecture + a hint of whimsy! The pieces are strongly representative of the ying and yang of the two creative halves. The artists are a marriage of contrasts and a celebration of diversity who find they share a wide variety of similar interests within which personal sentiments can conflict and many dissimilar interests where common ground can be often found. Mark, trained as a photographer, is drawn to reflections, transparent materials, strange juxtapositions, and intriguing layerings. He finds most everything to be complex and multifaceted, his sentiments stuck in gray areas. He’s introspective and indecisive. His endearing qualities are fairness, forgiveness, and his surprisingly easygoing personality. Salomé, trained as an architect, is quite different than Mark. Structured, decisive, extroverted, opinionated, and drawn to inspired, concrete solutions. Her enduring qualities are her abilities to be outspoken, vigorous, and big-hearted. deconstructographs are meant to draw the viewer in and hold attention as they explore the layers of information and seek the fusion which holds diverse elements together. 18″ x 12″ signed, limited editions (of 31) on 13” x 19” Canon Fine Art Paper Photo Rag (by Hahnlemuhle) available at website.

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