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Divided We Sprawl

Artist Statement
As a pilot I am blessed every time I fly with a vantage point that many on earth never see. As an artist I am able to truly appreciate the natural and man made compositions within our landscape when viewed from above. My work is a combination of both incredibly abstract compositions as well as very straight forward layouts of the places we live and work everyday.
As an artist I am not only inspired to create work purely from the beautiful things I see from above. My goal is to also expose just how much we have changed the land we have been given. The contrast between the areas that have yet to be touched by development and the ever growing numbers of areas that have constantly amaze me. From above, it quickly becomes clear how we have taken these natural landscapes and over time evolved them into tightly organized groupings of specifically used land. The fact is the modern day individual does not want commercial or industrial areas near his home. By pushing these areas away as we have done in the past fifty years, we have permanently disabled the efficiency in our transportation system and have increased the rate at which we are developing previously untouched land.
Through my work my hope is to enlighten the viewer of how much of an impact we have on the earth. We must carefully manage how we change the earths surface, for once we altar it we can never go back. Naturally as time continues, we will need to expand more as populations grow therefore it has never been more important to rethink our ways of living. I feel this is an area we must focus more energy on before more damage is done. In my work I feel I am finding a balance in creating an approachable method of presenting a rather negative subject to the viewer. My goal is not to beautify something negative, however by presenting it in a positive manner the viewer is more comfortable approaching the pieces and taking the time to understand the work. In the future I plan to continue to explore both this subject matter and this manner of presentation.

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