• Envisioning Bliss through light
  • Envisioning Bliss through light
  • Envisioning Bliss through light

Envisioning Bliss through light

I aim to capture every essence of light in painting through my paint brush.
My paintings represent the human life style from different part of world. In addition, I express the emotions and feelings of a subject through the application of light effects in the painting. Usually, my light sources for the subject in paintings are light from candle, fireworks, electric lights, sunlight, neon lights and etc.
Most of my paintings are subjected to portraits, cityscape and human figure which are painted through Water Color media. I have always discovered joy in rendering every small detail of light effects and creating contrast with mere colors in paintings.
Through the light effects on my paintings, I cannot only depict the emotions like joy, celebration, patience, hope, rush, sorrow and worries pertinent in human life, but also project my own feeling and state of mind. This, to me, is the most important thing I have realized so far. It is amazing how I can amalgamate the details of my own inner self with the nuances of the subject’s expression created by effect of light.
Arjoon KC

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