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Fabricated Truths

  • Added 12/07/2011

Mass Media has become a form that attaches itself onto ones mind. It is presented in a way that is unquestionable, and seductive. Over the years it has struggled itself away from falsehood onto truth, a truth that is accepted by all, mainly because it doesn’t have an equal adversary. Soon everything seen becomes the craze of societal conversation, allowing these assumptions to grasp ones reality. Thus, mass media becomes the basis for every event taken place, the emotional state of the people, conceptions, personal thoughts, and as the world changes, it will as well. After all, it shows events happening at once all over the world; instances one could never see with their own eyes. It must be true then.
I will argue that anything created through the visual media is taken as truth. Here I am discussing mass media (news, television, etc…). Since the event taken place on September 11th the American government began a manhunt on all evils in the name of freedom. The mass media acted as a backer, informing and enforcing what the government wanted. In turn society took these assumptions and made them factual. My work is about a discovery into the “other” a place focused through paranoia, conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theory is in direct opposition to what Mas Media provides, although they are both born from one incorrect line of thinking and must be adjusted. My work functions as a bridge between these two areas, showing that reality can be constructed, and what may be seen may not always be true.

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