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Color in my work is energetic and emotional. Fascinated with figure and face, the layers of color in my work are representative of the many depths and layers – both physical and emotional – of each portrait subject. I am heavily inspired by everyday people. It may be their culture, life story, or simple facial expression that inspires my next painting. When I start a painting, I never quite know what the exact outcome will be. Throughout the painting process, I am constantly making decisions and changes to the details, textural quality and color choices on the canvas. In creating larger-than-life, colorful paintings, it is my goal to provide the viewer with more than a “portrait”, but a visually pleasing piece full of energy and relatable stories.

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Toad Licking 28"x32" Ballpoint Pen on Paper / Pug 36"x48" Ballpoint Pen on Paper / Haunting Shores 72" x 147" Ballpoint Pen
The Shoes

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