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“As a self-taught artist, I realize and appreciate the fact that each day, each moment is another opportunity for me to learn something new and develop new and improved set of skills.
I have always been creative, even when I was a small child I can remember appreciating the special aspects of life. Throughout my life I have experimented in a range of creative designs. I have enjoyed many of these experiences and even more than that, I found my true creative passion.
My specialty is in designing original, handmade home décor with silk and natural materials. Many of my designs originated in nature’s nursery. When I find something new or unique, passions imagination takes over.
Some may call me a “florist” and many have branded me as “The Flower Lady”, but to me and those who appreciate my creativity, I am an individual whose hunger for creative passions is fed by my artwork.”
“My designs are not complete until I consider them to be a new masterpiece.”


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