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Life’s Expressions

Almine, The Countess of Shannon, F.R.S.A.
My depth of knowledge as a mystic and an alchemist is also the impetus for the desire to transcend existing paradigms through my visual art, and music.
My art has been produced primarily for the enjoyment and edification of a private clientele, and unique that it has been flourishing through word of mouth. Hundreds of commissioned pieces of my art work have been sold to major collectors all over the world during these years, without a public presence being established, creating a global basis. Therefore, my exposure to the public at large is a new venture.
“The desire to portray what lies beyond mortal boundaries permeates my artwork. To express the indefinable, and dance with the contradiction that exists beyond duality, is my passionate desire. It is my sincere desire that my art will inspire viewers to live an extraordinary and boundless life.”

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