• Overcoming Prototyopes
  • Overcoming Prototyopes
  • Overcoming Prototyopes

Overcoming Prototyopes

My process is guided by the realization of unperceived usefulness, observing objects without regard to the limits of their purpose. Rather than employing traditional camera lenses, my photographs are achieved by modifying found objects and mounting them to the camera. The objects themselves present a willful interpretation of the subject, uncomplicated by the consideration of focus, depth of field, or direction. The work assumes the homogeneity of the manufactured camera lens as suggestive of ordered thought operating within the confines of restrictive social constructs. The utilization of found objects serves as a metaphor for the individual, unencumbered by the contrition of a mass consciousness. Celebrated rather than chastised for being a separate and unique entity. The variable acuity, translucence, and angles of refraction mimic the natural drive to maintain selfdom in a culture which requires relative uniformity. As such the work seeks to bring attention to the predile
ction of the individual to coalesce within a rigid paradigm.

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