• 10 Minutes Study
  • 10 Minutes Study
  • 10 Minutes Study

10 Minutes Study

10 Minutes Study’ is an interactive installation that produces a digital likeness of the sitter after an exposure of 10 minutes. The engine is written in the Processing programming language.

The image will resolve into a true likeness of the sitter if they remain motionless for the whole exposure. This requires a dedicated act of concentration and is in itself an unexpected requirement for an artwork. The participant must choose to leave the exposure in order to view their digital image. However if more than ten minutes elapses the image disappears and the cycle restarts. The process of its creation becomes as important to the piece as its resolution, and its gradual completion allows viewers to observe and consider what they are seeing on screen. Each image is a ten minute memory of what and who has been present during that period, the formations of dots and colours recording traces of change and movement and merging the identities of all actors and objects. Without a sitter the portrait is empty save for a chair.

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B&W by Joshua Vegas

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