• A Blip In Eternity
  • A Blip In Eternity
  • A Blip In Eternity

A Blip In Eternity

cut out plastic tarp
7.5’ x 13.5’

I usually use a round doily image and this is the first rectangle shape I used. The design was partially borrowed from a very old crochet book. I was attracted by the beautiful lacy flower patterns and wanted to use it to my work.

When we think the eternal flow of time, our life must be like a blip. I believe that accepting this reality and reminding it all the time will help think how we should use the limited time to fulfill our life.

The shadow of this piece creates another doilies on the floor and the wall. Our life also casts its shadow to the next generations as the evidence of our lives.

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Jeannie Choe
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