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Abstract Realism

I like to explore abstract and stylized, realistic approaches to art. “Still Life With Mannequin Hand” is one of a series of paintings in which I am developing an artistic approach that combines abstract and representational art. The objects and shapes in this still life are readily recognizable, but are portrayed in a stylized manner with outlines in strong black lines. An atmosphere of tension pervades the painting. The globe is perched unsteadily on a pile of books, while the mannequin’s hand leans somewhat precariously over the edge of the table. My portrait, “Preacher Man”, continues my push to use high contrasts of light and dark to present a quickly readable abstract pattern, which in turn contains realistic details and modeling in the shaded and highlighted areas. “Young Lady With Long Pipe” is an abstract, figurative painting, that also uses a stylized approach to realistic art that combines elements of an abstract painting superimposed over realistic objects

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