Burial (Revisitation)

Burial (Revisitation)

My work seeks to bring out the awareness of living in the now.

My sense of home has been frozen in the elementary school stage. My high school memory is bleary because I was too busy running on the spoon-fed education wheel in Taiwan. This educational system distracted me from awareness of life. The reason I went to junior high was to prepare for high school, going to high school prepared me for college. I had been living for the future regardless of the present. I was insensitive towards my surrounding. As I moved out physically from my familiar home, I realized that the past was in the past. The absence of my sense of home wakes me up from busy preparation for the future without owning the heart at the moment.

Within my work, I employ memory to recreate the sense of the present. Lacking awareness disconnected me from the present. Through the process of recollecting and restoring, I revisit the precious moment of present. I use multiple methods and materials in my work, and different elements represent different senses of reality. Three-dimensional elements often function as a symbol of physical present. The print element represents the recreation of the past. I pay attention to craftsmanship. My physical body engages consistently with the process of creating. The repeated motion in woodcut, carving, or building shows the devoted desire to search the awareness in living. My works transform the vivid physical energy into visual celebration of awareness in living.

People try hard to prepare for the next, never own the moment, and always try to recreate the lost. I seek to create dialogue with my viewers to emphasize the importance of living in the now. The single moment of experience and the decision to live in the now are much more meaningful than all the memory stored from the past.

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