Dark Dahlia

Dark Dahlia

My works are a continuing study of the contrasting forms found in nature, painted in an abstracted representation. My mixed-media paintings are created through a combination of watercolor, acrylic paint, spray paint and colored pencil. I often display contrast in my work by combining geometric and organic shapes that I discover in natural environments. I pair these shapes with complementing color schemes to show the contrast of natural and man made structures I view in the world. Nature is my profound inspiration, and is often incorporated into my paintings on various levels. Beyond using nature for subject matter, I directly include nature in the process of creating work. I often leave stacks of my papers and canvases out in the rain to form the backgrounds of my work thereby relinquishing control to the elements.

I am both a painter and visual arts educator based in the Chicago land area. I was born in 1979 in Chicago, Illinois, studied art education at Northern Illinois University and currently work in my field teaching fine art in the Northwest suburbs. I strive to expand the visual perceptions, visual communication and comprehension of young minds. I envision my teaching career as leading toward higher education and eventually the mentoring of future art educators. Though I spend my days educating future artists, I have never stopped the creation of my own works. I feel that being an actual artist gives me more authority to educate on the subject because I fully understand the process and emotional investment it takes to be an artist.

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