• The Hilbert Space Filling Curve
  • The Hilbert Space Filling Curve
  • The Hilbert Space Filling Curve

The Hilbert Space Filling Curve

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My sculpture explores the beauty of mathematics and its’ relationship with the natural world. Math is all around us, from the enormous structure of a galaxy to that of a simple snowflake. Everywhere we look, math exists; whether we see it or not. By creating these works, I hope to highlight the universality of math and have people appreciate the complex beauty of an often overlooked subject.
I am interested in equations, sequencing and geometric forms ranging in influence from the Pythagorean Theorem to fractal geometry. My sculptures aim to bring these mathematical relationships to life. I focus on form, color, presentation and technique to build depth. This is highlighted by the use of the golden section and other mathematical concepts hidden within my work. I use techniques, ranging from the potter’s wheel to slip casting to construct these “monuments to math”. The numerous technical challenges push my skills as a ceramic artist and quench my thirst for mastering the material.
I truly believe that math is the universal language of which, all things are written. Galileo Galilei once wrote, “The universe is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles and other geometric figures.”

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