• The Libation Series
  • The Libation Series
  • The Libation Series

The Libation Series

I want to create a controlled situation, structure and idea in my studio, and then let go. I am interested in exploring the limbo of spontaneous material phenomena by photographing a momentary explosion that disintegrates polarization and creates a coalescence of the symbolic and natural physics. This is made possible by using a high-speed imaging process from a digital still camera to capture a precise moment, which then becomes the “final image”. It is a structured routine that involves filling latex balloons with various consumable liquids and suspending them in symmetrical forms within an apparatus, which also contains a detonation device connected to it. This device is placed at different points on the balloon and the digital camera captures the moment of the explosion. It is this split second that denotative form meets a physical reaction, and physics takes over, breaking down the solidified rationale.

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