• Variations on a The(me)
  • Variations on a The(me)
  • Variations on a The(me)

Variations on a The(me)

  • Added 06/12/2012
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My studio practice is an effort to work through my emotional insecurities. This current selection of pieces are self-portraits, literally or conceptually illustrating my personal struggles, desires, and drives to maintain a balance between the relationships I hold dear and being an independent woman. I use beautiful papers and layered elements of ink, paint, and pencil to demonstrate my love of the decorative. This reinforces that style can be substantial in itself—ornamentation is built on the laws of pattern, and pattern suggests rationality and stability in life. My use of vibrant, sometimes clashing color exposes my mild color-blindness while also celebrating that natural deviation. Contrast and the use of figural silhouettes create tension between certain vulnerabilities but also construct ambiguity as to who or what is really being exposed. I believe my work seeks to emphasize beauty despite the often unattractive and disordered nature of living; as a dichotomy which releases the frustration it will inevitably cause.

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