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  • Camera Drawing Collages
  • Camera Drawing Collages

Camera Drawing Collages

Zel Brook
Artist Statement

These camera drawings are made by using my disability which involves uncontrollable shaking to my advantage. Usually photographers do not want the camera to shake but in this case I use the shaking to draw a trace of my body movements with the camera. I sort of preplan the compositions, then press the shutter. At that point I cannot see the composition but only can imagine how I should move the camera around as I am shaking to make these drawings.

This work was shot at a rural location, amid tall trees. The subject is a vintage radio station which occupied the building in the 1940’s. The station lights are rarely turned on and then probably by accident. I made special trips out to the station numerous times in the cold of winter. Many times, not finding the lights on. If the neon was left on I stood with crutches (I have a disability) and preplanned moves of the camera that would make up the components. Each time I shot these pictures I would shoot while my fingers were so cold and numb that I had trouble moving on those cold winter nights. One night I was there, the sky cleared and I could see constellations overhead keeping me company. The only sound: tree limbs in the wind. Later on, in the spring, I have shot at this same location by waiting until 11 or 12 at night so the night sky would be clear enough. I make these camera drawings only with the company of the shining light in the darkness.

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