• Construction Landscapes
  • Construction Landscapes
  • Construction Landscapes

Construction Landscapes

These cityscapes were painted in response to my years walking through the city of Toronto, Canada. I found, on my walks, that I would inevitably run into some form of temporary construction/demolition site. Something would be taken down and in it’s place a condo or office structure or some other contemporary project would take its place. In the time between, this place would be a forbidden, “between” place. Barricaded, full of strange objects and tools with purposes I can only guess at. Full of abstractions. And, more often than not, in the way.

The city is full of un-monumental monuments to contemporary urban organization. It is assembled and disassembled regularly; those cobblestones you stand on now might not be the same you stood on last week. Most people have a stable concept of their environment, cemented as an immovable structure in their minds. Yet what fascinates me is how that environment is actually (like ourselves) in a constant state of flux.

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