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Daniel Victor

The product of a tradition of family artists – from my grandmother, Sally Victor, a famous milliner who designed beautiful, iconic hats for everyone from First Ladies Eleanor Roosevelt, Mamie Eisenhower and Bess Truman, to Princess Grace of Monaco; to my mother, acclaimed artist, author and illustrator, Joan Berg Victor – my work, in it’s Representational, Abstract and Abstract Expressionist forms, was the product of art as a cradle language, incubated in the distillation of these two important artistic influences.
My Representational work, in its celebration of authenticity, sensory subtlety, and profound discovery, stands in stark contrast to society’s desperate striving for reinvention, newness and youth. Beginning with my earliest artistic influences, and further inspired by the integrity and authenticity of the photographs of Aaron Siskind, Harry Callahan and Edward Weston, my Representational photographs question the indoctrinated definitions of beauty, and illuminate the conflict between the perpetual existence of the natural world and humankind’s struggle against, and recognition of, our impermanent place in it.
My Abstract and Abstract Expressionist photographs, unlike my Representational images, are inspired not by the work of Siskind, Callahan and Weston, but in rather stark contrast to that perspective I seek to stalk a new photographic path inspired by the works of abstract expressionists like Mark Rothko. My Abstract and Abstract Expressionist works share a unique vision of movement and color; a personal perspective where motion is sensed and color and texture are unearthed where there seems to exist only stillness and unimaginative repetition.
I am a New York-based photographer whose work can be found in fine art collections in New York, New Orleans, Virginia, California and Atlanta. Over the past year, my work has been featured in twelve shows in Ireland, Texas, Tennessee, New York, Louisiana, Virginia, California and Nevada.

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