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These 3 works demonstrate my interest in semiotics and the process of creating to developing thematic content in my work. The KKK hoods began simply as an experiment to see if, by changing the material fabric only, the content or meaning of the white KKK hood, a universally understood symbol of white supremist racism in America, could be transformed, even inverted. The objective abstraction, Machinations, is a combination of classical painting techniques, color theory and formal compositional elements applied to the freewheeling world of abstraction. Finally, the sculpture of the feminine form attempts to interpret the cultural aesthetics of 3 disparate regions (Asian, South American, African) by a Western influenced artist. These works reflect my desire to understand that which is sometimes too distant, too far or unique for me to easily appreciate. They,l and my other works in figurative studies, pastoral landscapes, fused glass and paper cutouts, also demonstrate my
rejection that an artist must “narrowly focus” their efforts in order to “succeed.”

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