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Swiffer Pudding

“Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down!” Mary Poppins

I am very much attracted to the objects in the cleaning aisle of the department store. The colors and textures of the sponges, dusters and mops entice me and often look like edible little treats in my mind. With Swiffer Pudding, I wanted to challenge myself by attempting to embellish an object that was mostly fluff. The result is a delicious little duster that could be a tasty scoop of lemon meringue rather than a mouthful of dust bunnies.

Cake Antoinette and Cake Antoinette Three

Inspired by Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, Cake Antoinette and Cake Antoinette Three are part of a series of embellished sponges that play on the decadent verses the mundane. These sponges that are hand embellished with beads and shiny sequins have become more of an object of desire, a complete opposite of the sponge’s original purpose. When stitching, I think of adornment and extravagance. Marie Antoinette was quite extravagant and I think if this little cake were real, perhaps it would have graced one of her china cake plates in her parlor. But for now, let them eat sponge.

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