Tango on the Canvas

Tango on the Canvas

Tango is all about connect and communication which can open the partner’s minded door open and close. Its imagination that a leader and a follower listen to live tango music under the Chandelie, get closer as the deep attachment. Don’t stop dancing on the canvas!

About MiYoung Margolis

Miyoung Margolis, born in South Korea, 1979 as Lunar Calender, is known as an Artist, Dancer and Model in Seattle, WA. She said, “I’m a dancer but also, I’m an artist. I always do painting, drawing and putting something new mixed media as a method of expression. Those have been existed together since the beginning of mankind. It’s all about communication.Those are just human languages as the human mother tongue. If you love dancing and doing art, we are speaking the same language.” Her hugest influence is Marc Chagall. “I fall in love with Marc Chagall’s painting since I’ve started my art. I remember he once remarked that only love interests him, and he is only in contact with things that revolve around love.” said MiYoung. “I started both my art and Tango because of my husband. I always put love poems and stories on my canvas as same as Chagall told about his painting. I love Chagall’s poetic, figurative style which is talking about all his lover, Bella.” MiYoung, she is always dancing with her love on her canvas.

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