A Modern Birth of Venus

A Modern Birth of Venus

This piece was splashed with Italian roast coffee (with humorous respect to the birthplace of the Renaissance) and rendered in eye-shadow primarily with some use of markers. The painting is left incomplete on the spirit of some classic Renaissance pieces.I am fascinated by classical art, especially from the Renaissance period, and humbled by the tremendous skill involved in their creation. Recreating classical art (I did the same in my “Modern Creation of Adam”, on my art page) was meant not only as a display of appreciation for those works, but also as commentary on modern western society. Preoccupation with cell phones, social media, and pop culture distracts many of us and leaves us less able to appreciate the subtle, simple things in life that don’t rely on technology. Having a famous figure in art like Venus from “Birth of Venus” or Adam from “Creation of Adam” find themselves distracted by their cell phones at important, beautiful moments strikes me as being both humorous and thought-provoking. At least that was my intent!

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