This is one of four portraits I did for a family commission. I tried to capture the subject’s inquisitive, playful nature with lots of color to increase the energy of the piece. Most of the piece was worked in eye-shadow applied directly onto the canvas, with layers of acrlylic and washed out markers. I am a firm believer in mixed media, and I use unlikely media in all my pieces to challenge myself to always try new things. I’ve splashed canvases with food dyes, coffee, tea, wine, hard apple cider, hair dye, grape juice, stage blood, etc. The list will continue to grow as I keep pushing myself to learn and experiment more. I am a HIGHLY motivated artist and model, hoping to produce energetic art that still lends value to fine art in an age where digital art rules for the younger generation. I am a lover of fine art and I wish to support its place in the spotlight of art for the modern world consumed with technology and its convenience. I am also a dancer, model, apprentice to a top motion animator, writer, and dabbler in special effects makeup. I want to keep improving myself in all areas of the arts I pursue.

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A Modern Birth of Venus
Evolution of Movement

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