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Situ Estacionario

This project contains nine helium balloons with a parking lot screen-printed on the outside. The ribbons of the balloons are adhered to the ground with reflective tape. As the helium diffuses, the balloons fall and make a parking lot with the tape.

The parking lot is one in Philadelphia, besides being my favorite, it is also a place where you can watch the sun rise and set in the same location. The spherical nature of balloon, and the ability to use an apex, the balloon, as support for a drawing the ribbon/tape, lead me to use a balloon as a location for my mapping of the Port Richmond Parking Lot. These materials allowed for a fictions border, one that responded to the use of space around it. Reflecting Karen Francs’ idea of loose space in the lounge in SOMA and the star of the show, the parking lot.

About anamaya

My work comes from a place of admiration, mostly of mundane objects that have a large public presence, but that often go unnoticed. Through making and installing my own versions, I investigate how the object functions as a container. I say container because, I see every banal object as a place; a physical space encompassed by the a priori and a posteriori knowledge of the public. Through these installations, I am interested in bringing attention to the social habitats around the objects not necessarily the object itself. By using these mundane preexisting structures my containers are treated as actors, not as props, who question the script written by society, extending the role of the participants to be the composers. This practice of taking a material object that is real, altering it to render it farcical, and then reintroducing it into circulation, permits it to become real again while allowing me as the author to be anonymous but the discoverer of the work to be the author.

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