Ghost Cat

The title of this piece is inspired by a quote from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, where Sean O’Connel says, “Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.” In that situation, he is speaking about a “ghost cat”. I used that quote to explain this piece because since everything except for the line-work was done with black-light ink, the beauty of the completed work was a secret given only to those who saw it in the dark. It was an incredible feeling to have something so lovely be hidden from prying eyes.
People, when looking at art, tend to give it no more than a passing glance. All of the technique, work, love, and passion put into the work is experienced in a fleeting moment of consideration. Since so much emotion and care is put into art, it can almost feel invalidating or cheapening when the work is paraded around for the public. This piece of work challenges how people experience artwork by forcing them to comprehend it in a way that invests more time and appreciation than usual.

About Winter

I am a 17 year old artist going into Alberta College of Art and Design this fall. I love realism and surrealism.

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